I have a very special occasion that I attend annually coming up soon. If you had to choose the most important colors to form the basis of a tailored wardrobe, they would be blue, particularly navy blue, followed closely by gray. What Color Goes with Army Green: Outfits. Sometimes underestimated in its versatility, gray is a foundational neutral and crossover color that works for every palette. Tuck your shirt in, to get the foolproof office ensemble. You can also combine white with bright or other dark shades. Blue and grey are the preferred colours for formal clothing and even for casual clothes as well. Navy, sandy beige, army green and purple are some other top colors that suit orange. Your collection of suits and shoes are fantastic, very keen sense of style. Although pairing a gray tie with a blue suit and vice versa is nearly foolproof, there are some ways for you to make the most of this combination. The colour of the blazer can be either black or grey, to correlate with the rest of the attire. Dear Benedict, we have over 1000 posts so if you are looking for something try the search, as we already have a piece about how to pair brown and gray here. Here we can talk about primary and secondary colors. Men's guide to perfect pant combination looksgud. All pale and bright colors as well as maroon, light blue, red, bottle green go well when grey is the primary color. Dress color combination for dark skin: avoid too bright and too dark shades. What color shirt looks good with olive green pants? elegant gray cashmere-lined peccary gloves, Wool Challis Navy Bow Tie with White Polka dots, Smart Casual Dress Code Explained - Quick and Simple — Gentleman's Gazette, How Many Suits Does A Gentleman Need? Baggy chubby knitwear paired with skinny terracotta pants is just perfect for both going out with your friends and a romantic date. White, pink, beige, navy blue, black and brown are good combinations for red. For one thing, avoid too strong a contrast between the two colors, which is the general rule for any color coordination. In either case, you simply take the opposite approach as your first suit and coordinate with a blue tie. White, beige, black, red and green work well. Wear a fresh white shirt over your grey pants and adorn a blazer over it. LOL, Ian. If primary color is white, it goes best with black. An acceptable alternative is no socks at all, if one feels he can pull it off. Similar to your dark blue denim or grey chinos, practically any shirt will look great with this white / tan combo. Aquamarine or sea green shade works well with khaki, scarlet, peach or navy. In case of office wear, go in for white shirt with beige pants, light blue with dark grey pants or white shirt with either dark grey or blue pants. The best color combinations usually change with trends and seasons, so there is no point in getting hung up over them. An example of Prince of Wales suiting fabric from Sartoria Rossi showing a gray base pattern with blue overplaid. Show videos of these men trying to move. blue, purple or green would do nicely as well. Pretty much between those two colors, you should choose. The easiest way to coordinate blue and gray is to match the two in a suit and tie combination. An easy way to add a pattern while remaining classic is to use a gray glen check tie in silk (or wool for winter) with a navy suit. Brown belt, but consider the colors of your outfit as a whole. It fits like a condom, and has no flowing lines. A future look at this and other subtle color combinations would be appreciated. I have these light gray pants and can figure out what color shirt goes best with them. Anyone who studies as you do and is learned as you are will have an enriched perspective which amounts to another visage of the human experience. So, if your suit is dark gray, avoid a really pale blue. And I don’t own a pair of jeans. Wearing a grey suit puts your suit, shirt and tie combination in risk of looking dated. More…, What Color Shoes Go With a Red Dress? Andreas Weinås doesn’t look like a security guard in this combination of navy and gray. The two main colors we’ve seen ladies wearing with gray pants are white and black. In this article, one in a series on classic color combinations, we take a look at the different ways to pair blue and gray. Because of that, I suggest a dark navy suit or a dark gray or charcoal suit. Feel free to experiment with brighter, more vibrant colors up top (like a red polo or your favorite floral print short sleeve shirt). I’ll take the praise but none of the blame ;-). Heather gray is a soft and delicate shade that works well with several colors. Playing with grey and blue is something everybody does. You had a gray/green scarf that I missed a year or so ago. The second suit a man should own when starting a business wardrobe is a gray one, but here the recommendations vary between a mid-gray and a charcoal. Gaurav. They're also suitable for a variety of circumstances, from formal events to casual outings with friends.

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