Anthropology provides knowledge about ancient societies. Similarities between Sociology and Anthropology. Psychology is developed with the combination of the two. Sociology is a science of social phenomena and social relationship. Political science is concerned with government and citizenship. Political science is more specialised than sociology. (4) Sociology studied organised, unorganized and disorganized society whereas political science studies only politically organised society. But inspite of their inter-relationship and inter-dependence both the sciences differ from each other in the following way. Economic factors play a very important role in every aspect of our social life that is why Sociologists concerned with economic institutions. Relationship between the two is so close and intimate that Psychologist like Karl Pearson refuses to accept both as special science. The similarities between natural science and social science are which they are both observing specific phenomena. (5) The scope of sociology is very wide whereas the scope of economics is very limited. Similarities between Sociology and History : (i) Society is common between sociology and history. It also studies the past political, social and economic events of the world. Thus history and Sociology are mutually dependent on each other. Sociology to draw it’s conclusions depends on political science. Political activity is influenced by the social life of man. Economics is concerned with material welfare of man which is common welfare. Psychology requires the help from Sociology to understand these social problems. Sociology is a science of society. (5) Sociology studies and analyses human behavior from Sociological angle whereas psychology studies and analyses human behavior from Psychological angles. RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SOCIOLOGY AND ECONOMICS, RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SOCIOLOGY AND POLITICAL SCIENCE, RELATION BETWEEN SOCIOLOGY AND PSYCHOLOGY, RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN SOCIOLOGY AND HISTORY. The overlap between sociology and psychology is clear in the branch of social psychology based on the boundary between the two sciences. (10) Sociology deals with all forms of association whereas political science deals with only one form of association named state. There are many Psychological problems which must have a Social Cause. (1) Sociology is a science of society but Psychology is a science of mind. It studies man as […] This relation will indirectly clarify the attitudinal distinction between sociology and other social sciences. Sociology is the science of society while political science is the science of state and political processes. Thus, political science appears to be a branch of anthropology. Prof. Giddings says that “to teach the theory of the state to men who have not learnt the first prin­ciples of sociology is like teaching astronomy or thermodynamics to … Any change in the political system or nature of power structure brings changes in society. Thus economics cannot go far or develop without the help of Sociology. (6) Sociology is concerned with social planning whereas anthropology is not concerned with social planning. To understand that historical event history need the help from Sociology and Sociology helps history in this respect. 1.Description 2. Hence, culture, society, and … Sociology is a science of social groups and social institutions. Hence sociology depends on political science to comprehend itself. At the same time society controls the economic activities of man. At the same time one depends on the other for its own comprehension. •Anthropology is a wide-ranging field that covers some of the above topics as well as the biology and psychology of humans. The concepts like cultural area, cultural traits, and cultural lag etc. As human mind and personality is being influenced by social environment, culture, customs and traditions hence psychology take the help from Sociology to understand this. When looking at sociology and psychology, a key feature common to them is studying patterns of recurring behaviour characteristics. (7) Sociology is a general science whereas history is a special science. Q: Explain why we need both macrosociology and microsociology tounderstand social life. Prediction 4. The importance of political science … Outlining Similarities between Psychology and Sociology While sociology and psychology are different areas of study, they have overlapping features that create similarities between the two. This study facilitates sociologists to make a comparative study of present social structure. (3) Sociology is abstract whereas history is concrete in nature. Sociology is the study of human inter­actions and inter-relations their conditions and consequences. (3) Sociology is a general science but political science is a special science. Both are mutually related to each other. Psychology and Sociology. These topics are War, Propaganda, authority, communal riots and law. Psychology and Political Science. But religion is subjective since it is derived from beliefs that are not backed by any proof. Hence Sociology takes the help of political science to understand the changes in society. It is a science that deals with social groups. This is … In fact, political activity is only a part of social activity. (iv) History is concerned primarily with the record of the past. Sociologists take the help from economics. They opines that the whole social life could be reduced finally to psychological forces. Sociology is a social science which studies organized groups, their functions, origins, interactions, problems etc. For this reason Sociologists like Spencer, Weber, Durkheim and others have taken the help from economics in their analysis of social relationships. There are many psychologists like Freud, MacDougal and others who have enrich Sociology in many respects. Both study human society and both are concerned with all kinds of social groups like families, friends, tribes etc. Their mutual dependence led G.H. Both depend on each other for their own comprehension. Their inter-relationships are as follows: Economics takes the help of Sociology. Political Science is a science of state and Government. (9) Sociology analyses both conscious and unconscious activities of man whereas political science analyses only conscious activities of man. Many think that sociology is same as anthropology, but the fact is sociology is a sub-domain of anthropology. Hence both are interrelated and interdependent. Thus there exists a great deal of relationship between Sociology and Anthropology. Political science and  sociology are closely related .Political science is that branch of social science which mostely deals with state,government and power.According to Morris Ginsberg ,"Historically sociology has it's main rules in politics and philosophy of history.". However, inspite of the above closeness, inter-relationship and inter-dependence both the sciences have certain differences which are described below: (1) Sociology is a science of society and social relationships whereas economics is a science of wealth and choice. (3) Sociology is an abstract science whereas economics is concrete in nature. To understand different political events sociology takes the help from political science. But Economics deals with economic activities of man. Anthropology studies the biological and cultural development of man. Despite the similarities and dissimilarities between two discipline sociology and political science,they have close ralationship.Political sociology thus become popular in the modern period. Sociology and History: As a mother of social sciences sociology has close and intimate relationship … (8) Sociology studies both formal and informal relations whereas political science studies only formal relations. The relation between psychological science and biological science is very close. Psychology is concerned about studying the needs and capabilities of a person and arranging them in terms of his personality, while sociology is related to each other in a different way. Anthropology and Political Science: Anthropology and Political science are very closely related. In the words of Morris Ginsberg, “Historically Sociology has its main roots in politics and philosophy of history.” Sociology greatly benefited by the books written by political scientists like Plato, Aristotle and Kautilya such as The Republic, The Politics and Arthasastra respectively. Due to these reasons it is difficult to differentiate between political science and political sociology. Sociology and History. In the 19th century, psychology, or the science of human behaviour; and sociology, or the […] Description. Sociology is a Science of society. Sociology includes history within its scope. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1.

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