While I’m passing a brief, appropriate, moment with you. 1.15→ — Literal English Translation Original Latin Line I was telling you ‘Stop dyeing your hair’; Now you have no locks which you can dye. What kindles the fire is distant. Often I’ve said ‘I’m ashamed!’ – ‘Ah me!’ she said, scarce holding back tears, ‘Ashamed now of loving me?’. with Translation and Running Commentary by John A. Barsby. Why leaf the trees, why fill the sky with stars. Receiving you with glad heart. Dutiful Aeneas has replied to wretched Dido. A vain wish? may she slide you straightaway over her knuckle: and smoothly fit the right finger with your true band! Der Grund für seine Verbannung war laut Ovid die Veröffentlichung seiner Ars amatoria, welches ein Gedicht über die Liebe darstellt, und deshalb dem Kaiser moralisch zu verwerflich erschien. however hard it is, is conquered at last by charms. and flee the familiar bed and our shared household gods. Why does your torch blaze, your bow bend against friends? If I know you, you’d be happier with that than war. Amores (16 BCE) by Ovid, translated from Latin by Wikisource Why submit your womb to probing instruments. what quantity and quality of kisses she gave! P. OVIDI NASONIS LIBER PRIMVS AMORES Epigramma Ipsius. Behold a new crime! If Ilia had murdered the twins in her swollen womb. Anyway, when she fixed angry eyes on you. with a hard chain, Set the hinge in motion and unfold the stubborn door. Death is my wish, when I recall your deceptions. For my service to you repay me, with a sweet reward. No bird on earth could better copy a voice –. by her who holds Paphos and sea-washed Cythera. edited for Perseus. Brewer, Wilmon, Ovid's Metamorphoses in European Culture (Commentary), Marshall Jones Company, Francestown, NH, Revised Edition 1978; More, Brookes, Ovid's Metamorphoses (Translation in Blank Verse), Marshall Jones Company, Francestown, NH, Revised Edition 1978 What could be more innocuous than our prayers? A tumulus holds his bones – a tumulus fitting his size –. Amores (Fyfield Books) (English Edition) eBook: Ovid, Tom Bishop: Amazon.it: Kindle Store. Ah me, that you, neither man nor woman, serve the lady. then swam again, but the sea-road was dark. De medicamine faciei | acknowledge the shared sign of his passion. Dieterich'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, Leipzig 1911. One in the know constantly takes away gains he gathers –. not wish to be anywhere in the heavens without you. Open Book Publishers. Will you never give me a reason for wishing you dead? Think better of me than that, if I wronged you in passion. Some unknown comes – he’ll soon become known to you. What cause is this, that ease, that rest denies? and Laodamia faithful companion to the end. And why… Ovids Amores sind aber kein autobiografisches, sondern vielmehr ein verspielt programmatisches Werk zur römischen Liebeselegie insgesamt. or sad Hector dragged behind the Thessalian horses. Make that occasion soon, for the inscription and the gifts. Bad tongues are doubly evil: the husband grieves, the girl’s reputation is harmed. Yet what was more abundant than that hair, had you let it be? The grave grants us enough time for sleep. If you can believe it, they say there’s a place there. A Nereid of the ocean shared her bed with Peleus. The hunter chases what runs: leaves what he’s captured. We use cookies for social media and essential site functions. One word of that’s misleading! appreciated only in terms of the giver’s love. You gods, prosper her: let her first sin go, in safety. Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education provided support for entering this text. and early C1st A.D., during the reign of the Emperor Augustus. ), Latin Lyric and Elegiac Poetry: An Anthology of New Translations. You’re unreliable, far more fickle than your wings. the man who makes love to the wife of a fool. You’re dull, and allow what no husband should allow: while for me freedom puts an end to love! History of Love, by Charles Hopkins Ovid's Amours. and with a false accusation you’ll hide the truth. The first elegy explains the meter and topic; the 15th, Ovid's goal — eternal fame. Conditions and Exceptions apply. Examples of Roman authors who followed Ovid include Martial, Lucan, and Statius. their quiver is scarcely more familiar than me! The Court of Love, a tale from Chaucer. Still now and then she needs to pick a quarrel with you too. We’re not taking to crime, we’re not uniting to mix. Amores (16 BCE) by Ovid, translated from Latin by Wikisource Immortality Of Poetry. Browse below 3. Amores 1.2 (Ovid) (Translated by T. Creech) Ah me! A woman made the woodland Lapiths, and the Centaurs. Unhappy, the man who spends the night in slumber. Briefpaare (Her. Ovid Amores 3.15. Iscriviti a Prime Ciao, Accedi Account e liste Accedi Account e liste Ordini Iscriviti a Prime Carrello. I think she wants it, but hides it, being noble. You, goddess, prescribe that the perjury of my chaste spirit. You weren’t born to ride a horse, or use heavy weapons: a warlike spear would not be fitting in your hand. –. the founder of my mistress’s City would have been lost. Why am I all the tedious night in pain? If Helen. Translation:Amores/1.15. Don’t let my girl spoil it, nothing forbidden –. Then you’ll call on the noble stars of fertile Leda, and say ‘Happy, the one who stayed on shore!’. or reply so well with words in a lisping tone! and why She so often sleeps alone in bed. But my flame’s absent. a time when you guarded well, so I could truly deceive. Go on remembering me, return with a following wind: let the breeze more strongly fill your sails! the discharged man’s sword is safely laid away. — Literal English Translation Original Latin Line It was sultry, and the day had driven out the middle hour; I laid out my relaxed limbs on the middle of the bed. Still I grabbed the sceptre, and a tragedy flourished. Perseus provides credit for all accepted changes, storing new additions in a versioning system. – 17 A.D.) METAMORPHOSES. Die Heroides bestehen aus 15 Einzelbriefen und drei wahrscheinl… there’s a hundred reasons why I’m always in love. still, guard her for mine, it makes me desire her more! Will I never be scared? Disrepute’s alright, so long as I’m less scorched. Dave as Ovid declaiming his translation of Amores I:6 at Jennie Faries’ birthday party, June 2003. and Itys, slain by his mother, is lamented with tears: both cruel parents, yet both had bitter reason. you who can’t know the mutual delights of Venus! Medea is blamed for sprinkling the blood of her children. in its quest for the notorious Golden Fleece. Book II. who was it informed on our entwined bodies? Es handelt sich dabei um fiktive Briefe von mythischen Frauen an ihre abwesenden Männer. make your Thracian lyre quiver with your fingers. Let the gods make that the cause of my death! I confess – if it’s any use to confess a sin: I acknowledge the foolish guilt now in myself. There innocuous swans browse far and wide. leve fit, quod bene fertur, onus. Ovid's two other myth-themed works were the Metamorphoses and the Fasti. No cities there, no woods for you to gaze at: Mid-ocean has no delicate shells or coloured pebbles: their natural place is by the thirsty shore. Remedia amoris | Though he sees it himself, he’ll believe her denials. Die Heroides bzw. and, as that ring, I’d carry out a man’s part. Ah me! Ovid, Amores: Bibliographie Ausgaben / Kommentare / Übersetzungen Albrecht, Michael (1997): Ovid: Amores.Liebesgedichte. Oh I wish if I were to argue my case I couldn’t win it! Ah me, how I’ll fear, with you, the west and east wind. Elegy VIII: He complains that his mistress did not give him a favourable reception. For a translation into English of Ovid The Amores, see Kline's public domain version. What of Achilles helping Telephus, struck by his spear. Oxford 1973. She dies, and is carried to the pyre with loosened hair, and whoever looks on cries out: ‘She deserved it!’. Why rob the loaded vine of burgeoning grapes. The crime deserved no less. I’d cling, a shrinking ring, to your finger. But if you’ve still a true care for me, abandoned. Vain the words of girls, lighter than falling leaves. And something new seemed to be added to them. OVID’S ELEGIES. unwilling to follow the army and their shields. however innocent, to give the appearance of hurting! What worth now your loyalty, your rare form and colour. and the inexperienced boy unused to the touch of love: and let some other youth, now I’m wounded by the bow. You’ll be guilty of shaking my girl about so much. Why do I wish to sleep, but wish in vain? How to quote this translation. Ähnliche Beiträge. Epistulae ex Ponto | –. Be silent about me, who’s enticed by everything. edited for Perseus. You bring a charge against her, that she can wholly explain. Elegy XIII: To Isis. I’ve often told my girl ‘It’s final, off you go’ –. Cypassis , expert at setting hair in a thousand styles, and in no way naive as I know from our stolen meetings, suited to your mistress, but more suited to me –. By Stepney . In translating Ovid’s Amores at Cambridge he had repeatedly written such lines as: Accept him that will serve thee all his youth Accept him that will love with spotless truth,. and the horned Apis follow your procession! ‘What are you up to?’ I cried, ‘spreading my joys around? What free man would want to take up with a slave. Gegen Ende des Werkes gibt es ein Klagelied, worin der Autor um den zu früh verstorbenen Tibull trauert und zugleich Abschied nimmt von der Elegie, wobei er noch einmal seine Vorbilder nennt: Catull und Calvus, Gallus und eben Tibull. If my colour’s good, I’m also cold towards you. And she to whom in shape of swan Jove came, And she that on a feign’d bull swam to land . That which I pray … Brandt, Paul (1911): P. Ovidi Nasonis Amorum libri tres (Leipzig; reprint Hildesheim, 1991). Why did I say anyone would be lacking in wits. Die Form allein bestimmt hier den Inhalt. If Ovid’s book is telling us the story of a love affair, the fourth poem suggests at first that the poet has made a lot of progress. Ovid, Amores (Book 1). Ovid; Ovid, Amores; Search the Perseus Catalog for: Editions/Translations ... Editions/Translations; Author Group; View text chunked by: text: book: poem: line; Table of Contents: Amores Liber primus EPIGRAMMA IPSIUS poem 1. poem 2. poem 3. poem 4. poem 5. poem 6. poem 7. poem 8. poem 9. poem 10. poem 11. poem 12. poem 13. poem 14. poem 15.

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