Aponte CH, 1978. (Base de dados nacional de espécies exóticas invasora)., Florianópolis - SC, Brazil: I3N Brasil, Instituto Hórus de Desenvolvimento e Conservação Ambiental. Female flowers: pedicels elongate; sepals free, approximately 6 mm; petals and disk glands as in male; ovary 3-locular, glabrous; styles bifid at apex. Estudio de Jatropha curcas L. Comorecurso biotico. Long-run marginal-cost-based economic evaluation of bio-diesel production from Jatropha. Insufficient evidence of Jatropha curcas L. invasiveness: experimental observations in Burkina Faso, West Africa. - Le PourghFre (Jatropha curcas L.): un carburant possible). Species plantarum. It may regrow from parts of any broken, tuberous roots. Physic nut (Jatropha curcas L.) cultivation as an alternative crop for the northeast semi-arid of Brazil. A preliminary pharmacognostical study of ten Nigerian plants. Winter hardy to USDA Zones 9-11 where it is easily grown in dry to medium well-drained soils in full sun. In: Gholz HL, ed. 3 (17), 9, 16. CABI is a registered EU trademark. Greensboro, North Carolina, USA: National Plant Data Team. Tropicos database. De L.C. Goswami, 2006 and other chapters in the same book). Publishing LLC, Paroda RS, Mal B, 1989. Honolulu, USA: HEAR, University of Hawaii. Fungi recorded on Jatropha curcas L. seed collected in India. Biomass and Bioenergy, 35(1):74-79. http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/journal/09619534, Goswami A, 2006. Barbados nut, Nutmeg plant, Physic nut. Margraf, Weikersheim, Wiehr E, 1930. Jatropha curcas is a tree native to Central America and the Caribbean region and growing also abundantly in Suriname. Foto n. 119316 - médicinier béni (Jatropha curcas) Leaves and fruit at Kahikinui, Maui - Credit: Forest and Kim Starr - Plants of Hawaii - Image licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, permitting sharing and adaptation with attribution. http://www.issg.org/database/species/reference_files/Kairo%20et%20al,%202003.pdf, Kar AK, Ashok Das, 1988. Indian Journal of Plant Protection, 33(2):303-304, Anny Mulyani, Agus F, Allelorung D, 2006. Agnote No. Beitr. Curcas curcas (L.) Britton & Millsp. Place and role of trees. After introduction into Asian countries, J. curcas has spread very rapidly, and due to its ethnobotanical uses, promotion as an ornamental and hedge plant encouraged its further spread. File size: 22812 bytes - Views: 216 (RTflexions sur les cultures olTagineuses TnergTtiques. Tome II Connaracees a Euphorbiacees. Curepe, Trinidad and Tobago: CAB International, 132 pp. Research on Crops, 1(1):116-118; 6 ref, Oudhia P, Tripathi RS, 2002. vi + 601 pp. (2015) suggested that in Burkina Faso, despite warnings about the invasive potential of J. curcas, there was no convincing evidence of natural spread or significant environmental impact. Botanical name: Jatropha curcas. Bionotes, 8(4):103, Shelke SS, Jadhav LD, Salunkhe GN, 1985. The report will display the kingdom and all descendants leading down to the name you choose. and Phoma sp. Wallingford, UK: CABI. For farmers, plantation owners and foresters, this promotion is becoming a problem. Grierson AJC, Long DG, 1987. II, 1987 Flora medica. Call us at 1 315 4971058. Die Purgiernuss (Jatropha curcas L.) - Ernteprodukt, Verwendungsalternativen, wirtschaftliche _berlegungen. Contributions from the United States National Herbarium, 584 pp, Gordon DR, Tancig KJ, Onderdonk DA, Gantz CA, 2011. In: Australia's Virtual Herbarium, Sydney, Australia: Royal Botanic Gardens. Govaerts R, 2015. (Plant Sci. Workshop Petrocrops. Prospects of cultivation of medicinal plants in Chhattisgarh, India. Rev. [ed. Meyer J Y, 2000. by Witt A, Luke Q]. Report to the Nature Conservancy. Karyology of Jatropha (Euphorbiaceae) in Thailand. Handbook 449. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, Cabral A Lemos de, 1964. Characteristics of physic nut, Jatropha curcas L. as a new biomass crop in the tropics. A checklist of the total vascular plant flora of Singapore: native, naturalised and cultivated species. J. Elisha Mitchell Sci. Positive (inhibitory) allelopathic effects of some obnoxious weeds on germination and seedling vigour of pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan L.). http://flora.huh.harvard.edu/china/, Australia, Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney, 2008. Molluscicidal activity of some indigenous plants. by Sherley G]. Jatropha acerifolia Salisb. Do miracle plants exist? The Medicinal and Poisonous Plants of India., Jodhpur, India: Scientific Publishers. 66 pp. Dehra Dun, India, 142-150, McVaugh R, 1945. Journal of Applied Entomology, 122(9/10):515-521; 19 ref, Grimm C, Somarriba A, 1998. It is also known by its common names, such as physic nut, purging nut, and Barbados nut. Cambridge, USA: Harvard University Herbaria. Jatropha seed oils for energy. Wageningen, Netherlands: Plant Resources of Tropical Africa. Flora of Bhutan including a Record of Plants from Sikkim, Vol. Dissertation. Wallingford, UK: CABI, CABI, Undated a. CABI Compendium: Status inferred from regional distribution. Serra M C P, 1950. Philipp. http://flora.huh.harvard.edu/china/, Flora of China Editorial Committee, 2015. Re-examination of the antimicrobial activities of Xylopia aethiopica, Carica papaya, Ocimum gratissimum and Jatropha curcas. Common names: Physic Nut, Jatropha, Jamal ghota... Its a shrub around 3 m high. Purging nut is a member of the spurge family and closely related to castor oil plant (Ricinus communis).Genus name from the Greek words iatros meaning physician and trophe meaning food in reference to the edible seed (in very small quantities) of some species. A checklist of the total vascular plant flora of Singapore: native, naturalised and cultivated species. Jatropha curcas a promising agroforestry crop. (1987) observed two flowering peaks in Thailand, in November and May, whereas in permanently humid equatorial regions flowering occurs throughout the year. 27. http://www.prota4u.info, Rojas-Sandoval J, Acevedo-Rodríguez P, 2015. http://www.ciasnet.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/IAS-present-in-SLU-May-2012-revision.pdf, Krishnamurty T, 1993. New Delhi, India: Publication and Information Directorate, Regupathy A, Ayyasamy R, 2006. Acevedo-Rodríguez P, Strong MT, 2012. Technical Paper - South Pacific Commission, No. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences. 1. Flora of Bhutan including a Record of Plants from Sikkim., 1 (3) Edinburgh, UK: Royal Botanic Garden. http://apps.kew.org/wcsp/, Grierson AJC, Long DG, 1987. The genus name Jatropha derives from the Gr eek iatrós (doctor) and trophé (food) which implies medicinal uses. Height: 15-20 feet. Projet PourghFre DNHE - GTZ, Bamako, Mali, Holm LG, Pancho JV, Herberger JP, Plucknett DL, 1979. (2006) and Low and Booth (2007), and further comparison of positive and negative impacts are required for J. curcas as well as many other biofuel crops. Seeds are inedible, but contain oil that may be used to make candles, soap and biofuel. 1753. The bark is rich in tannin, up to 37%. Fieldiana: Botany 24, VI (Chicago Natural History Museum), Stevens PF, 2012. Pax]) to be the most primitive form of the Jatropha genus. Jatropha curcas. Tolerates drought. Bishop Museum Bull., 220:165, Anon, 2007. New plant sources for food and industry in India. Inter and intra-population variability of Jatropha curcas (L.) characterized by RAPD and ISSR markers and development of population-specific SCAR markers. Index of plant diseases in the United States. Journal of Applied Entomology, 123(6):347-350; 14 ref, Gupta RC, 1985. rufa McVaugh http://lkcnhm.nus.edu.sg/nus/pdf/PUBLICATION/LKCNH%20Museum%20Books/LKCNHM%20Books/flora_of_singapore_tc.pdf, Crothers M, 1998. Houston, USA: Sci Tech Publishing LLC. EEB Greenhouses assume no responsibility for adverse effects from the use of any plants referred to on this site. 13 DAS Jatropha curcas x integerrima (4635562762).jpg 1,024 × 522; 639 KB. Species in other sections evolved from the physic nut or another ancestral form, with changes in growth habit and flower structures. Economic Botany, 32:131-145, Budowski G, 1987. of ref, Henning R, 1994. In Thailand, a stem length of 1 m was reached after 5 months growth when sown in May (Sukarin et al., 1987). Both flower sexes open synchronously, and the sexual system facilitates geitonogamy and xenogamy. 52 Physic nut. Capsules ellipsoidal or globose, 2.5-3 cm, yellow. 46, Cabral A, 1991. The Garden wouldn't be the Garden without our Members, Donors and Volunteers. Seeds ellipsoidal, 1.5-2 cm, black (Flora of China Editorial Committee, 2015). Botanochemicals: Supplements to petro-chemicals. Compendium record. This was photographed at Village Chowk, Panvel. (1 May 1753) Annotation: as "Curcas" Type-Protologue Locality: 'America calidiore' Type Specimens It is very profitable crop. Bellyache Bush (Jatropha gossypifolia). Pestalotiopsis stem canker of Jatropha curcas. Physic nut (Jatropha curcas). In: Caribbean Alien Invasive Species Network (CIASNET), 12 pp. The rapid spread of J. curcas in natural forests is a problem in many areas through damaging the natural flora. http://www.ciasnet.org/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/IAS-present-in-SLU-May-2012-revision.pdf. The introduction of a vigorous pasture in suitable areas will assist in controlling the rate of spread of Jatropha (Pitt, 1999). Curcas purgans Medik. Jatropha curcas is a flowering plant that is native to Central America, Mexico, South America, and other tropical locales. It burns with clear smoke-free flame, tested successfully as fuel for simple diesel engine. Indian Journal of Agricultural Biochemistry, 18(2):75-81. http://faculty.etsu.edu/goyal/journals/ijab/index.html, Lindley J, 1921. Thai Forest Bulletin (Botany), No.31:105-112, Spaan W, Bodnár F, Idoe O, De Graaff J, 2004. Guide to the naturalized and invasive plants of Eastern Africa. Jatropha acerifolia Salisb. Science (Washington), 313(5794):1742. http://www.sciencemag.org, Raju AJS, Ezradanam V, 2002. Pollination ecology and fruiting behaviour in a monoecious species, Jatropha curcas L. (Euphorbiaceae). Curcas indica A.Rich. http://plants.usda.gov/, USDA-NRCS, 2015. Implementation of contour vegetation barriers under farmer conditions in Burkina Faso and Mali. The PLANTS Database. J. curcas also yields a dye which is used to give tan and brown shades and can also be used for making ink. Rev. 2. In: Technical Paper - South Pacific Commission, Nouméa, New Caledonia: South Pacific Commission (Commission du Pacifique Sud). (2003) and Acevedo-Rodriguez and Strong (2012) also reported J. curcas as introduced in the Caribbean. Funk V, Hollowell T, Berry P, Kelloff C, Alexander S N, 2007. Curcas (Adans.) New records of fungi from India. In: Flora of China Web, [ed. Washington, USA: USGPO, Ahmedullah M, Nayar MP, 1987. ex Lanj.. Curcas purgans Medik.. Jatropha acerifolia Salisb.. Jatropha afrocurcas Pax. St. Louis, Missouri and Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA: Missouri Botanical Garden and Harvard University Herbaria. [ed. Species Jatropha curcas L. – Barbados nut P Enter a scientific or common name at any rank. Gouvrenement du Senegal, Ministrere du Development Rural et del' Hyraulique, Direction des Eaux et forets, Dakar, Bhasabutra R, Sutiponpeibun S, 1982. In Zambia, primary seed dispersal of J. curcas was limited: rodents and shrews dispersed and predated seeds and fruits, but none of the seeds repositioned in their burrows could establish (Negussie et al., 2013a). Millipedes (Julus sp.) Kairo et al. The Javanese, among other names, call it Chinese castor oil. Flora of Taiwan. GeneticsJ. Further details may be available for individual references in the Distribution Table Details section which can be selected by going to Generate Report. Castiglionia lobata Ruiz & Pav. (O valor da purgueira na economia de Cabo Verde.). Negussie et al. http://i3n.institutohorus.org.br, Kairo M, Ali B, Cheesman O, Haysom K, Murphy S, 2003. PROTA4U web database., [ed. The seed-borne fungi attacking J. curcas seed in India were recorded by Anitha et al. GCB Bioenergy, 5(4):419-430. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/journal/10.1111/(ISSN)1757-1707, Negussie A, Achten WMJ, Norgrove L, Hermy M, Muys B, 2013. Euphorbiaceae-Jatropheae. Family: Euphorbiaceae. World Agroforestry Centre. (Cultivo de pinhão manso (Jatropha curca L.) como alternativa para o semi-árido nordestino.) Tech. http://botany.si.edu/Antilles/WestIndies/catalog.htm, Agaceta LM, Dumag PU, Atolos JA, Bandiola FC, 1981. Singapore: Raffles Museum of Biodiversity Research, National University of Singapore, 273 pp. http://www.mobot.org/MOBOT/research/APweb/, Stone BC, 1970. Lifecycle and rearing of the shield-backed bug Pachycoris klugii in Nicaragua (Heteroptera: Scutelleridae). It was widely distributed throughout the tropics as an ornamental and medicinal plant, and was probably distributed by Portuguese seafarers via Cape Verde and Guinea Bissau to other countries in Africa and Asia. Jodhpur, India: Scientific Publishers, Bridgemohan P, Bridgemohan RSH, 2014. Jatropha seeds contain between 40 and 50% of high quality oil (Basha and Sujatha, 2009). Biological Invasions. Pandey et al. Torrey Bot. Published In: Species Plantarum 2: 1006. Das Pflanzenreich IV, Leipzig, Germany: Verlag von Wilhelm Engelmann, 147(42):1-148, Persinos GJ, Quimby MW, Schermerhorn JW, 1964. Preventing further invasion by collection all of the seeds may appear feasible as the seeds have an immediate market value as a source of oil. A new record of Pestalotiopsis versicolor on the leaves of Jatropha curcas. The presence of this weed in bunds and wastelands creates an obstruction to the movement of livestock, and cases of poisoning among cattle are also common. 480. Pods mature to yellow-red before splitting open to release seeds. Diploma Thesis University Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Krauss U, 2012. ; [10 pl., 1 fig., 1 map, ^italic~Promoting the conservation and use of underutilized and neglected crops^roman~ No. Chelmicki and Varnhagen (1841) mention that exports of J. curcas nuts had already begun in 1836, and many decrees were published in the ‘Boletim Oficial de Cabo Verde’ from 1843 onwards to promote its planting (Freitas, 1906; Serra, 1950). Physic nut. The oil content of each seed ranges from 30-40%. by Grubben GJH, Denton OA]. Naturalization and invasion of alien plants in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. Jodrell Laboratory, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, England.

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