As the legend of this special rum grew, Plantation realized there was enough demand to actually bring it to market, and the retail version of Stiggens’ was born, and it won Best New Spirit at the most … MAISON FERRANDChâteau de Bonbonnet24 Chemin des Près16130 ARS✆ +33 1 30 83 22 44, MENTIONSTous droits réservésMAISON FERRANDCopyright 2016©. 2 teaspoons butter-rum extract If you’ve never had the Pineapple rum, I’d highly recommend picking up a bottle. Freshness and Complexity › Discover. Because it’s that freaking good. Even if you don’t traditionally like rum, 99.9% of people like this. BACARDÍ Pineapple rum is a unique fusion of naturally fresh pineapple and white rum. Just forget this is a pineapple rum, it’s just simply a great rum! Spectacular Stays. So I’d encourage you to experiment with different ideas once you’ve got the old stand by down. September 30, 2020 by Sean Leave a Comment. Dec 11, 2019 - Explore Mark A's board "Pineapple rum drinks" on Pinterest. When I got my first bottle around 5 years ago it was around $30 in Oregon. 1 x 50ml bottle of Plantation Original Dark rum. 1 x 3.5ml miniature bottle of Angostura aromatic bitters. Want to make world class cocktails at home? La Gourmande : by Audrey Hands, Trailer Happiness, Londres, United-Kingdom, Les Mariages de deux classiques : by Mohammad Nazzal, Al Salam, Cologne, Allemagne, Maï Taï : by the bar Trader Vic's, Londres, Royaume Uni, Mai Tai : by Julie Reiner, Lani Kai & Clover Club, NYC, Mai Thai Variation : by Volker Seibert, Capri Lounge, Cologne, Major Bird’s Punch : by David Wondrich, Cocktail Historian, Micronesian Allegory : by Nicolas de Soto, ECC NYC, Mulata Daiquiri : by Jigger Pony, Singapour, Mystic Caravan : by Arnd Henning Heissen, Ritz Carlton, Berlin, Allemagne, Nahla : by Roman Horka, die rote Bar, Nürnberg, Allemagne, New Ginger Mai Thai : by Volker Seibert, Capri Lounge, Cologne, Old Fashioned Variation : by Volker Seibert, Capri Lounge, Cologne, Oma's Eingelegte Aprikosen : by Volker Seibert, Capri Lounge, Cologne, Peach Julep : by Volker Seibert, Capri Lounge, Cologne, Pinolillo Punch : by Sean Fennell, Portside Parlour, Londres, Royaume Uni, Plantation Club : by Lutz Rau, Booze Bar, Berlin, Allemagne, Polynesian Manhattan : by Roberto Artusio, Jerry Thomas speakeasy, Rome, Italie, Rambutan Mai Thai : by Volker Seibert, Capri Lounge, Cologne, Allemagne, Raspberry Rum Shrub : by The Connaught, London, Richard Francis Burton’s Nightcap in East India : by Gabriel Daun, Gekkos Bar, Francfort, Allemagne, Rum & Chili Hot Cocoa : by le Mea Culpa, Nouvelle Zélande, Ruins of Leon Viejo : by Guy Jacobson, Charley Noble, Wellington, New Zealand, Sip Of Solera : by Benjamin Schiller, Boka Restaurant, Chicago, Smoke in the Stream : by Olivier Jacobs, Jigger’s, Gent, Belgique, Smokin' Aces Elaboré : by Lukas Motejzik, Zephyr Bar, Munich, Allemagne, Smooth Mandarin : by Denis Schmidt, Capri Lounge, Cologne, La Bocca Swizzle : by le Mea Culpa, Nouvelle Zélande, Mai Tai : by Ramon Parra, Galatea, Madrid, Espagne, Mary Pickford : by the bar Monsoon Poon, Auckland, Nouvelle Zélande, Missionary's Downfall : by Max Ernst Ostwald, Trailer Happiness, Londres, Nada Iced Tea : by Indika Silva, Nada, Cologne, Allemagne, Old St Tropez #2 : by Tiare Olsen, Blogueuse, Suède, Pacifique : by Katrin Reitz, La dee da Bar, Bad Honnef, Allemagne, Plantation Rum Sour : by Tiare Olsen, Blogueuse, Suède, Rum Mother in Law : by Meike Caroline Finke, Hoppers Bar, Francfort, Allemagne, Scorpion : by le bar Pelicano, Sydney, Australie, Sakura Sakura : by Jigger & Pony, Singapour, Smoked Jamaïca Manhattan : by Oscar Quagliarini, Le Grazie, Paris, Stoned Daiquiri : by Scott Schuder, UFO, Paris, The Plantation 3 Stars Swizzle : by la Westbourne House, Londres, Three Star Daiquiri : by Tiare Olsen, Blogueuse, Suède, Tiki or not Tiki : by Arthur Combe, Curio Parlor, Paris, Tortuga Swizzle : by Lukas Motejzik, Zephyr Bar, Munich, Allemagne, White White Rum : by Dimitry Saint-Louis, Candelaria, Paris, France, Yemaya : by Tatiana Pertegat, O'Clock, Madrid, Espagne, Banana Hammock : by Dan Greenbaum, Attaboy, NYC, The Zaquiri : by Robert Kreuger, Extra Fancy, NYC, Pineapple Daiquiri : by Toby Cecchini, Long Island Bar, NYC, Marie Antoinette : by Karin Stanley, Dutch Kills, NYC, Sling Shot : by Natasha David, Nitecap, NYC, Santa Branca : by Damien Aries, Experimental Cocktail Club, NYC, Kids In America : by Kobie Jackson, Soho Grand, Jungle Bird : by Carlos Madriz, Mary Célest, Paris, France, Passionfruit Mojito : by le bar Monsoon Poon, Auckland, Nouvelle Zélande, Tropical variation on a Corpse Reviver #2 : by Cocktail Molotov, Paris. Where to start. Muddle well, then add in lime juice and pineapple rum. Slightly Pretentious combines all of this. Why? Plantation 3 Stars. You simply combine 1.5oz Plantation Pineapple Rum, .75oz Campari, and .75oz sweet vermouth over ice and then strain into a chilled coupe (or over a big rock if you prefer). Required fields are marked *. In a shaker or mixing glass, combine simple syrup, pineapple and mint. The pineapple rum, on the other hand, shouldn’t be omitted. NoMad Bar NYC: A Must Visit Bar in New York City, Nottingham Forest: A Sensory Cocktail Experience in Milan, Sazerac Cocktail Recipe: New Orleans in a Glass, Tiki Old Fashioned: The Cocktail You Didn’t Know You Needed, Americano Cocktail: A Low Proof Italian Refresher, NoMad Cocktail Book Review: For the Adventurous Home Bartender, Regarding Cocktails: A Cocktail Book Where Simplicity Shines. November 11, 2020 By Steve Leave a Comment, November 10, 2020 By Sean Leave a Comment. Let’s face it, fancy cocktails are at least a little bit pretentious. I tried a riff on the simple syrup and it made it soooo good. Only around 1,000 bottles of Plantation Pineapple … Each of these top-rated cocktails are made with pineapple juice, pineapple liquor, fresh pineapple, or a mixture of them all. In fact, in Charles Dickens first serial novel The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club (published in 19 monthly magazine instalments, from March 1836 to October 1837), Pineapple Rum … A Plantation Rum tasting guide: our specially crafted tasting … So this is your chance to embrace your slightly pretentious side. Pineapple Rum was quite a popular delicacy in the 19th century. STIGGINS' FANCY PLANTATION PINEAPPLE. Your email address will not be published. We love quests. From classic mai tais to tasty new creations, these rum drinks are basically a beach vacation in a glass. Try subbing a few tablespoons of the sugar for dark brown sugar and add chunks of pineapple when … Plantation Pastime Recipe: 1 BG Reynolds Pineapple Molasses syrup 1 Plantation Original Dark rum ½ Plantation Stiggins pineapple rum 2 pineapple juice ¼ fresh lime juice 1 club soda Shake with ice, pour in Collins glass with crushed ice, and top with club soda. In that post, I wrote about using the rum as a unique negroni variation, but for the average person, the most likely use case for this rum would be in a Pineapple daiquiri – also known as a Stiggins daiquiri. Great price for such a complex rum. Pineapple Plantation 2 oz Plantation Dark 1/4 oz Plantation Pineapple Rum 1/2 oz Frangelico 1/4 oz Triple Sec 1 oz pineapple juice 3/4 oz … Shop Plantation Stiggins Fancy Pineapple Rum at the best prices. Fill with ice and shake vigorously until cold, then … 3 cups all-purpose unbleached flour. In the last few months, the cocktail community has been going crazy for the new pineapple rum from Plantation. This pineapple-flavoured rum was created by Plantation's Alexandre Gabriel as a tribute to Reverend Stiggins, a character in Charles Dickens' Pickwick Papers. Shangri-La Villingili Maldives: May it Rest in Peace, Blackjack Redux: A Delicious Coffee Cocktail. There's at least a small part of you that is slightly pretentious. Here's how! Watch the video above as‘s Tom Fischer interviews Gabriel about this limited edition rum. Checking this week, it’s up to $41 a bottle here – and considering how quickly you can go through it, it can get pricey quickly. Equal-parts distillate and infusion are blended together, hence the … Lots of pineapple on the nose, and a little lingering aftertaste. 1 x 50ml bottle of Plantation Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple rum. Combine the pineapple rum, rhum agricole, lime juice and simple syrup in a … Products Needed Pineapple … Because often I’m making a bunch of them for a party or a dinner, and it’s both easy and delicious. Ingredients: 1.5 oz rum.5 oz Cruzan Black Strap Rum (float).5 oz ginger.75 oz lime juice 1 whole strawberry. Review: Stiggins’ Fancy Plantation Pineapple Rum (86/100) Review by Chip Dykstra Posted September 24, 2016. Let's face it, if you're into bougie cocktails? To achieve that, they use a method similar to Plantation, starting with Maggie’s white turbinado sugar rum distilled with whole pineapple, as well as a 12-year-old dark rum imported from Trinidad, which is then infused with pineapple for about a month. Recently, that has changed, with an uptick of producers rolling out pineapple-spiked variations. Next to classics like the Old Fashioned, negroni, and traditional daiquiri – I’ve probably made more pineapple daiquiris than any other cocktail out there. Read More → ... Pineapple Daiquiri : by Toby Cecchini, Long Island Bar, NYC. Plantation Original Dark. This has notes of banana, citrus peel, spice and a hint of smoke, along with the pineapple. And if you don’t yet have a bottle, go pick one up because it is delicious in so many drinks – including this one. The secret to the success of Plantation’s pineapple rum … What I love about this drink, and daiquiris in particular is that you can do so much to very easily mix them up. This is a safe space to embrace it :). Here you’ll find stories about the best bars in the world, great cocktail recipes you can make at home, and a lot more. I made the drink but it wasn’t quite as pineapple-y as I’d hoped. The rum is made with the barks and fruit of real Victoria pineapples – a distinction which is … The Dead Rabbit: Is It NYC’s Best Cocktail Bar? Plantation Rum Sour : by Tiare Olsen, Blogueuse, Suède. We love cocktails. This special Plantation Rum release is the third collaboration between Cocktail Historian David Wondrich and Alexandre Gabriel, owner of Cognac Pierre Ferrand and Plantation Rum. Plantation Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple Rum is a pineapple rum created by infusing ripe Queen Victoria pineapples in rich, aged Plantation … Here's everything you need to know to create the ultimate home bar - at any budget. 2 oz Plantation Stiggin’s Fancy Pineapple Rum 1 oz lime juice 1/2 oz simple syrup 3-4 1-inch chunks fresh pineapple 5-6 mint leaves. If it’s more of a one off thing, I might split the base with some Plantation 3 star, or maybe even add a hint of Smith and Cross. Great Cocktails. If you’re worried about that, then I’d go 1oz each of pineapple and regular Plantation 3 star rum. See more ideas about Pineapple rum drinks, Pineapple rum, Recipes. We love travel. The only downside to this Stiggins daiquiri, is that it’s becoming more expensive to make! It’s subtle, and it’s brilliant. Sometimes a rum barrel is found in the Plantation cellar that is simply … I went into more of the details of the rum itself in that other post, so for this one, let’s just jump in. Here are 25 pineapple cocktails you'll want to sip all summer long, from classic piña coladas to nontraditional concoction. Mixology Masterclass Review: Is Mr. Lyan’s Cocktail Course Worth It? This rum, dubbed Stiggins’ Fancy Plantation Pineapple Rum, was only given by Wondrich to friends at Tales of the Cocktail 2014. We agree with bartender Bobby Heugel's mixes of pineapple-infused rum and maraschino liqueur for a daiquiri variation. Hundreds of rum recipe drinks combining beer, cordial and seasonal fruits for a pure refreshing taste. Sean has spent the last decade teaching people how to build small businesses, playing golf, and sneaking into high class establishments where he probably doesn't belong.

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