Ted Cruz just edged out Marco Rubio and Rand Paul for the most conservative presidential candidate, according to the American Conservative Union. However, as of 2017, ACUF gave Noem a lifetime score of 75.78%. The scorecard, issued Tuesday by the American Conservative Union, also put Cornyn far below his fellow Texas senator, Ted Cruz. Scores for all senators, including lifetime averages, are available here. The most recent online scores from the American Conservative Union are from 2008. The lifetime ACU scores for current GOP … Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Rand Paul.The American Conservative Union released its congressional scorecard for … The latest scorecard from the American Conservative Union is out, and the voters of Virginia might want to file a complaint about truth in advertising with the press corps. ... in 2019 and he has a lifetime conservative voting record score … WASHINGTON - This week, Congressman Randy Hultgren (IL-14) was honored by the American Conservative Union Foundation for his commitment to conservative values, scoring an 88 percent on the group's 2016 scorecard. “During my time in Congress a top priority of mine has been defending conservative principles and fiscal responsibility. American Conservative Union (ACU) awarded U.S. Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) last night with the “2018 Award for Conservative Excellence” for his strong conservative voting record in the Senate during 2018. Our Senator Rounds is carrying around a 74.33% lifetime conservative rating. By comparison, Sen. Roberts scored a 91 percent rating and has a lifetime rating of 93 percent from the ACUF, tied for first place among all current members of the state Senate with Sen. John Stevens. In 2006 , he scored a 65 percent grade, however, for his votes on earmark disclosure, pork spending and damages caps for medical malpractice. The American Conservative Union rated Gianforte’s conservatism in 2018 at 68%, 2017 at 61% and a lifetime score of 64.5%. The American Conservative Union (ACU) rated Gianforte’s conservatism in 2018 at 68 percent, 2017 at 61 percent and a lifetime score of 64.50 … His score inflates his how conservative he is in my opinion. NASHVILLE — The American Conservative Union (ACU) Foundation released its annual scorecard of the Tennessee General Assembly this week showing State Senator Jon Lundberg (R-Bristol) tied for the Senate’s top ranking. Ideologically, the American Conservative Union has given Paul a lifetime conservative rating of 96% and the Conservative Review gave him a 92% score. In that year, John McCain scored 63 and had a lifetime average of 81.43. They could be mistaken for Barbara Mikulski. He shared the top ranking with State Senator Mike Bell (R-Riceville). … The Club for Growth rates him in … 55. Klobuchar was Left of Sanders, with a 5% rating for that year and 4.70 across her Senate career. Rod Dreher is a senior editor at The American Conservative.He has written and edited for the New York Post, The Dallas Morning News, National Review, … The average for Republicans in the Senate was 91 percent; for Democrats 57 percent. Alexandria, VA – The American Conservative Union (ACU) today announced its endorsement of Fred Keller for election in Pennsylvania to the United States House of Representatives in the 12 th District. Currently, eight of Illinois' 20 delegates to the U.S. Congress are Republican, but only Hultgren and … The scorecard, from the American Conservative Union (ACU), gives both Cochran and Alexander a 60 percent for 2013. A 2013 report by the conservative American Enterprise Institute (AEI) estimated that the first … Before he became Washington’s governor, former Rep. Jay Inslee had a lifetime … His lifetime score, according to the American Conservative Union, is 87.45%. In 2008, Sanders’ ACU rating was 8%, with a then-lifetime score of 6.44. Lundberg rated 95 percent, earning him the group’s Award for Conservative Excellence. Mr. Shadegg, who has compiled five 100 percent ratings in 10 years from the American Conservative Union (ACU), has a lifetime ACU rating of 97.6. Rep. Babin was one of only three Texas Congressmen to receive a perfect score in 2016 and is one of only seven … Wagner’s score coincided with a tough re-election fight with Democratic challenger Cort VanOstran and was higher than her lifetime ACU conservative rating of 82.9. Some other notable ratings: Lifetime 0.0 Kaine .91 Maggie Hirono 1.14 Al Franken 1.17 Tammy Baldwin 1.78 Chris Murphy 2.67 Booker 2.94 Boxer 4 Warren 4.85 Schumer 6.31 Sanders 6.43 Sherrod Brown His lifetime … Freshman Joe Cao of New Orleans got the lowest score for a Republican in the House. Klobuchar took 16%, with a lifetime 10. The American Conservative Union has been an influential voice in Washington for decades. Hultgren's lifetime average on ACUF's scorecard is 85.25 percent. WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman David Schweikert received a 97% score from the American Conservative Union Foundation (ACUF) 2019 Ratings of Congress for his strong conservative voting record during the First Session of the 116th Congress. – Today, the American Conservative Union Foundation (ACU) released its annual ratings of the United States Congress based on individual Members’ votes on key legislation important to conservatives. The American Conservative Union Foundation has produced its rating of Tennessee legislators for 2017, giving the state Senate an overall average score of 86 and the House an average of 70 percent in voting the way the group wanted on selected issues. Lifetime American Conservative Union scores for Sens. For the 44th year in a row, the American Conservative Union has released its annual ratings for lawmakers who either uphold conservative values - or … Sen. Susan Collins of Maine is the least conservative among Republican senators with a 23 percent score. He got a 0 in 2014 and 2015. Cornyn scored 77%. In fact, according to ACU stats, Barack Obama's lifetime Senate rating of 10 makes him more conservative than that trio. Throughout his time in Congress, Inhofe has earned an lifetime ACU score of 95.75 percent, the highest in the Oklahoma delegation. U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions, left, and Rep. Bradley Byrne had the highest scores in the Senate and House delegations from the state of Alabama in the 2014 rankings of the American Conservative Union. The Texas senator received a 100 percent on his congressional scorecard from the American Conservative Union. The American Conservative Union gives McCain a lifetime score of 82.3 percent.

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