Using the top/bottom/left/right side of the control wheel, select the check boxes for the functions that you want to recall with one of the registration numbers and press the center to check each box. You can choose the quality of recorded video here. MTP: Establishes an MTP connection between this product, a computer, and other USB devices. Sets whether to release the shutter even if the subject is not in focus when Focus Mode is set to Single-shot AF, DMF or Automatic AF and the subject is still. Live View is always displayed with the appropriate brightness even in Manual Exposure mode. A zoom is less suited to this kind of photography; best use a prime, fast lens. The highlight detail in auto HDR is better than that in DRO and with reduced noise. The Zebra Pattern is a highlight warning indicator that is common in video cameras. On the second page of options you will see that there is an option for Silent Shooting which will save the wear and tear on your camera when shooting thousands of images. When File Format is set to XAVC S 4K you have these options: When File Format is set to XAVC S HD you have these options: When File Format is set to AVCHD you have these options: You can do slow-motion recording or record quick-motion recording. The exposure is set so that 18% reflectance gray video is output as 32%. You cannot create movies from the still images on the camera. You can extend battery life by providing a power supply over USB. If you can’t afford a gimbal, you can also wear roller blades, hop on a skateboard, or place the camera on a towel on a flat surface and pull it. Sets the initial magnification scale for  the Focus Magnifier functionality in the movie shooting mode. You can extend battery life by providing a. Can’t get the shutter speed to Bulb Mode? Think of this menu as an Instagram app right in your Sony A6400, with all kinds of retro filters and effects. This function is useful when you want to move the focusing frame from one end to the other quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be flying between slow motion and 4k and adjusting ISO, white balance, and f-stop all on the go. Hint Frame rate In super-slow-motion movie shooting, the camera shoots at a faster shutter speed than the number of shooting frames per second. This stands for Dynamic range optimise and analyses the contrast of your scene in real-time. Inanimate objects such as buildings, statues, and building interiors do not need to be shot in slow motion. These problems include: Here it is, the advanced manual for the Sony A6400 with plenty of tips and tricks to get you started. S-Log2 [S-Log2] gamma curve. In spot or center, the Sony A6400 only considers what is in that spot or the center (per example, if your subject is completely black, the camera will try to compensate by overexposing the image). Link: Sets whether to obtain the location information by linking with a smartphone. (DPOF stands for Digital Print Order Format). Used when [Gamma] is set to [S-Log3]. To use the location information linking function of the Sony A6400, you need the PlayMemories Mobile application on your smartphone and transfer an image to your smartphone to test the connection, Confirm that the Bluetooth function of your smartphone is activated. Tip: You can move the focus area in Flexible Spot, Expand Flexible Spot or Zone by touching the screen. You could also set your camera to aperture priority, ISO 100 and the camera will set exposure time by itself. Before getting to the camera set up portion of this article, I want to point out that if you want the crispiest, juiciest, most drool-worthy slow-motion footage, you should shoot at the high frame rate in camera and interpret the footage in post-production using editing software. Sony have added this functionality to the A6400 via the new Interval Shooting Function. Shoots night scenes without losing the dark atmosphere. Bulb is the mode used to shoot a trailing picture of a subject’s’ movement with a long exposure time. You can choose the path in this menu (either, up, down, left or right). Apr 28, 2019 DPReview TV: Fujifilm X-T30 vs. Sony a6400 Apr … Looking for a Panasonic G9 vs Sony A6400 comparison? My favorite picture profile to shoot with is the Matt Flat Picture Profile, which you can find here on his website. The exposure is set so that 18% reflectance gray video is output as 41%. Rich-tone Mono. The higher the bit-rate, the higher the picture quality. This function prevents unintentional changes to the white balance during continuous shooting or when shooting with the shutter button pressed halfway down. Continuously plays back images shot using interval shooting. Mass Storage: Establishes a Mass Storage connection between this product, a computer, and other USB devices. This is often used by photographers to allow for a greater flexibility in composition. MENU – Camera Settings 1 – Face Registration – New Registration. only using the electronic shutter. On the camera, select MENU – (Wireless) – [ Loc. The Interval Shooting Function is a built in Intervalometer that can be setup up to take images at a regular intervals. Rear Sync: Capturing an image involves two shutter actions: one when the capture starts and on when it stops. No ads, as a pdf. Check these settings and turn them OFF: Although you can capture movies in any mode, it is easiest to change all related settings for video recording here. Square Grid: Square grids make it easier to confirm the horizontal level of your composition.

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