I would love for you to offer more discounts, but I'll still buy it! Amazing! Also I have some wrinkles under eyes and they became more shallow, smallest is almost gone now. Drunk Elephant has a unique philosophy in that it doesn’t believe in skin types, rather skin concerns. referencing product code DRU008, Be first to hear about our latest launches Never miss out on exciting offers & competitions Gain expert advice for looking red-carpet ready... 24/7. I will be reordering this again. Contact us I purchased this to get rid of my dark circles but now my concern is to get rid of the really bad wrinkles. Pourtant je ris beaucoup... I also feel it is too pricey for the benefits it provides and there are many other products on the market that are less inexpensive and work better. Supposedly, an eye cream is more for preventative use than anything, but still, I’d love for one to just pack a punch and make my eyes look glowy and bright right away! It absorbs quickly and nicely into the skin, goes well under my eye makeup, and, most importantly, has a long-term brightening effect - which is what I'm looking for. I have not been using an eye cream as part of my daily routine for a very long time, I used Dermalogica power vitamin firm lip/eye cream sporadically over the years (I love that too, especially for the scent). Since prevention is always better than cure. Limited Edition. I will be honest. You have to be careful to not put a lot of product because the cream is very heavy. I have dark circles and quite a dry sensitive eye area. I tried a lot of eye creams and I mean a LOT and this one works for me, my under eyes area is lighter and smoother, can’t ask for more. I tried Shaba Complex Eye Cream first, when I got the Littles. My hollow under-eye area is not as hollow as it was. 1) Expensive! This has helped with puffiness as well though so that's good! After constant use of this cream my face is smooth and fresh. My first purchase from Drunk Elephant and definitely not the last. I'd definitely buy it again. It is becoming my classic and staple piece in my routine. I will be back to my Kat Burki eye serum (lighter yet much more moisturising!). This cream is very lightweight and gets quickly absorbed into the skin. I've been using it morning and night and definitely notice more hydration. I love the way it feels it's very light and still not too light. This is already the second cream I've bought. For the price, it’s nothing special, and I have gotten an allergic reaction. This is THE ONLY eye cream that seems to work for me. highly recommended. I am about to buy my second bottle. I love how it absorbs and how hydrating it is. I’ve been using this every day for maybe a month now and I’m not entirely sure what it’s supposed to be doing. However, I did not notice an improvement in the appearance of my skin. Emmely. For reference, I am a south Asian 21 year old female. This is a nice eye cream, but I didn’t find it as hydrating as comparable products. Will definitely purchasing again! I also find the hydration non lasting. $28.01. Also after a few days I notice that the area around my eyes is tighter and brighter. Gentle enough for … Maybe the cream is working inside but I haven’t noticed anything incredible on my face. Better than Kiel’s eye cream which everyone recommends. Love the way it depuffs my eyes and feels so good. It's simply amazing! I’m not sure this would work well under make up/ concealer. In combination with vitamin C cream it is fantastic! I tried their Shaba Eye Cream but never purchased the full size. Quick Look. It has a very pleasant smell and is easy to apply. It really helps with dark circles! Limit initial use to once or twice a week, gradually increasing frequency to every other night, and then every night as tolerated. Not worth £54 at all. Has a creamy texture, but still absorbs well. My under eye area is drier so this works well under makeup for me. It needs a serum underneath if you have very dry skin. It makes my eyes look brighter, the fine lines almost disappear and even when I don’t sleep well my eyes don’t look tired. I was excited to try a Vitamin C in my eye serum, and I'm not disappointed. 5. I did some research and decided to try this but only as there was 20% off. I am 31 and have started seeing some wrinkles around my eyes (+ puffiness), so the eye cream that improves THAT, will get my 5 stars. I like it so far. Moisturising glowy and brightening, found it to significantly reduce my dark circles. This is an overpriced mini moisturiser, I prefer the Cerave eye cream which is around £12. It doesn't sting or burn my eyes which I really appreciate. Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream Buy on Amazon Buy on Sephora. How to combat the most common winter skin woes, Get it or regret it... Wayne Goss has made his Cult Beauty Box debut, Best Vitamin C eye treatment cream so far, Nice texture, not sure about actual results, DRUNK ELEPHANT C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream. Wow! I don't have anything special to say about it, but I do love it. Cult Beauty is the insider’s guide to the world's best beauty products. Your bag will be emptied, do you wish to continue? I have sensitive eyes so have to be quite careful with eye creams – but this one’s perfect. So, you can buy it if you have perfect skin with no dark circles or if you don't use any concealer or foundation on eye zone. Sure, I was a bit hesitant to purchase this due to the price tag, however, I am very happy with the refreshing effect it gives. I was becoming concerned with fine lines appearing. Drunk Elephant C-Tango Multivitamin Eye Cream can be patted around the delicate eye area using the tip of a ring finger. However, the more I used this I noticed that it would leave a residue on my face. meteoric. It is pretty pricey but I'm finding it lasts a long time. While, I search for a more rich/balm soothing eye product for nighttime because a even more dry eye skin-area after a long day, for the Day time, I found the C-Tango to be a perfect brightening, hydrating cream for the morning, setting perfectly under makeup. It’s both lightweight and rich (somehow!) For enhanced results, add it to the Shaba Complex Eye Serum, or alternatively, leave it in the fridge for a more cooling experience. Texture is rich yet spreadable, with instant hydration. It was nice and light and hydrating and a good base for concealer, but personally I saw much better results with Ole Henriksen's Banana Bright eye cream which is really good. They were just not that enjoyable to use that I end up forgetting about them. Very disappointed, I wanted to like this! Give it a try. I am a bit disappointed. First, it irritates my under - eye area and second, my skin is not hydrated enough after application of this cream. I am amazed, it also really helps dark circles and brightens my eye area. It's lightweight and soaks in quickly. At first, I was completely 'meh' about the product. First, I like the cream. I would go careful using it together with retinol products, but that would apply to any active Vit C cream. NEW Drunk Elephant A Passioni Retinol Cream Full Size 30ml 1 Oz + B-Hydra Mini. It's good. ), but it just lacks the wow-factor. Thank you for joining! It's nice and thick, and even gets me through the toughest winters without one dry spot on my sensitive little eyelids. I would recommend it. It keeps your under-eyes moisturised and happy and that's about it. Been using for a few weeks now and don’t see much difference. I’m using the smallest amount as well. It makes great changes for wearing concealer. Didn’t give 5 stars as remains to be seen whether will reduce lines, bags, etc; need to use a while longer to see if will have desired effect. It is hydrating and brightening! By no means are my dark circles gone, but this does feel like it's helping reduce them. Already a favourite at Cult Beauty HQ, this rich, restorative eye cream features a brightening combination of eight peptides, five forms of vitamin C and cucumber extract for firmer, stronger-looking skin around the eyes. THE DRUNK ELEPHANT DIFFERENCE With a mission to deliver clinically-effective, clean skincare products formulated with both cutting-edge synthetic and natural ingredients, Drunk Elephant knows that every ingredient should directly benefit the health of your skin or the safety of the formulation. It’s a nice cream. This honestly did nothing to my under eye area, it actually made my skin worse. Although it felt nice on the eyes it was no nicer than a cream clinique which is priced at £27, You pay for the packaging which although good I found the product didn't last half as long as my usual eye creams. I do like some of the products in the DE range but I won't be repurchasing this one. As far as dark circles go, it's no miracle, but it is really good. The Shaba Complex Eye Serum is designed to boost hydration around the eye area while combating the signs of aging. I absolutely love this product! I didn't find this product to be worth the price tag. I've been searching for an eye cream I could get on board with for years now. However, after using up the sample, I really missed it and purchased the full size! One of the best eye creams for moisture. This is the Freddy Mercury of the eye creams. I apply it every AM and PM, and it absorbs well, and I had absolutely zero problems. This is definitely a rich cream but my skin absorbs it very well. The packaging is great, and really chic. This moisturiser has a great package but I am a little bit disappointed with it. Love this product so much! Also very cool packaging. Absolutely love the hygienic packaging! Love this. This product has helped with my dark under eyes, and a little bit goes a long way. I already use the C-Firma which has brightened my skin like nothing else. I’ve only been using it for like 2 weeks now but it feels like my under eye area is well moisturised (better than before). 4) Not much product needed- only half a pump Skin is more plump, hydrated and smooth. For example, when I’m using it in my night routine, the next morning when I wash my eyes, it feels sticky and greasy, like it didn’t absorb well. One Pump, mixed with Marula Oil and Hydra and BOOM! It is not bad but it is definitely not anything special. Lasts not more than 2 months. C-Tango™ Multivitamin Eye Cream. They also were posting not very nice messages lately on SM, which made me think twice before buying their products. Performance & Personal Opinion. Unfortunately, I feel the same way I feel about eye creams in general with this one by Drunk Elephant. At the start, my eye area was not liking the cream and thought I would have to stop using it. We call that a #drunkbreak.. I got the mini version in the littles kit, and used it every day until it ran out (a little over 2 weeks). Drunk Elephant C-Tango™ Vitamin C Eye Cream. From skin care to make up, each of the beauty products is chosen by our world-class expert panel for its efficacy and stand-alone brilliance. You can view our full Privacy Policy here. This is probably the only Drunk Elephant product that I've bought that I wouldn't repurchase. C-TANGO MULTIVITAMIN EYE CREAM It is a simple basic cream, with no effect and no special moisturising properties.

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