Co-generation Power

cogen1Cogeneration involves the use of high pressure Boilers for producing steam and Turbo generators for generating power. The high pressure steam passes through the turbine and generates power. The low pressure steam from the turbine is used in the processing of sugar. This process of utilization of steam for generating power and for processing of sugar is called cogeneration.
cogeneration power

The cogeneration unit configuration at the respective units is as follows:
• 12 MW plant at Unit-1, Varadaraj Nagar, Theni District
• 22 MW plant at Unit-2, Mundiampakkam, Villupuram District
• 20.5 MW plant at Unit-3, Semmedu, Villupuram district

The cogeneration units generate 54 MW of “Green power” using bagasse as fuel. After meeting the captive requirement, surplus power of about 32 MW is supplied to the state grid.The cogeneration units generate 195.16 million units of power annually. The surplus power of 120.52 million units is supplied to the state grid every year.

The 22 MW plant at unit-2 has been registered as a CDM project on January 15th, 2006. This project reduces 81,628 tonnes of Co2 equivalent per annum. For each ton of Co2 emission that is avoided by this project, we get a Carbon Emission reduction Certificate (CER) This project generates 81,628 CER’s per annum. These CER’s are sold to countries that have emission reduction commitments.

This cogeneration plant is the first plant in India to install Air cooled condensers instead of water cooled condensers for its turbines. Even though the Air cooled condensers incur a much higher investment cost than the water cooled condensers, it is environment friendly and they totally eliminate the use of water. This is an important environment feature given the scarcity of water in the region and a positive step towards water conservation.

RSCL has adapted clean technologies in all its cogeneration plants which have led to reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. With the adaptation of clean technologies for power generation, we have made this world a better place.

cogen2 cogen3