RSCL BEUVERIA – Biopesticide for control of plant pests


RSCL Beauveria is a biopesticide containing the white muscardine saprophytic fungus viz., Beauveria bassiana or Beauveria brongniartii widely used for control of plant pests like root grubs, boll worms, spodoptera, coffee berry borers, pod borers, hoppers and weevils.

When spores of the Beauveria come in contact with the host insects, it will germinate and grows directly through the cuticle to the inner body of the host. The fungus proliferates throughout the insect’s body, draining the insect of nutrients, eventually killing it in about 7-10 days.

RSCL BEAUVERIA infects the insect with contact and do not need to be consumed by the host to cause infection. Infected insect stop feeding and become lethargic. Beauveria secretes enzymes which will destruct the host insect cuticle leads to death of the insect. Dead insect covered by the white mycelium and spores of the Beauveria favours secondary infection.


  • Ecofriendly and maintains the ecological balance
  • Does not create resistance, resurgence and residues problem
  • Does not affect the natural enemies and offers a long lasting pest control


Crop Target pests Application Methods Frequency of application
Cereals, Pulses, Vegetables, Fruit crops, Cole crops, Orchards, Fibre crops, Cut flowers Ornamentals in greenhouses; nurseries, lawns and landscape Caterpillars, Weevils, Leafhoppers, Bugs, Grubs and Leaf-feeding insects Foliar application ( for Borers & cutworms) The frequency of applications also depends on the pest and the crop
For greenhouse pest problems, application once in every 15-20 days are recommended
Soil application: (for root grubs)
RSCL BEAUVERIA can be sprinkled around the root-zone and incorporated into the soil either mechanically or through watering the plant.
Again, all applications should be based on monitoring of pest populations