Green Power

Bagasse is the biomass that is the base for Cogeneration in Sugar Industry.

Biomass is the fiber left over after the juice has been squeezed out of sugarcane stalks. As Biomass can produce more heat energy it is used as a fuel source to produce the required energy for sugar manufacturing operations. When burned in large quantities, the energy produced through Biomass can be used for the sugar mill with enough power to spare. In this method, the usage of raw materials is totally averted and creates Green Power resulting in Greener and Non-polluting Environment.

At RSCL, our bagasse-based cogeneration plants of higher capacities generate 34 MW of “Green Power” and after captive consumption, RSCL supplies surplus power of 18 MW to the state electricity grid. This translates to an annual generation of 179 GWh power with sale of 115 GWh to the state electricity grid.